Analog Design Research Center Gets Funding

Texas Gov. Rick Perry announced Tuesday that the state's government and university system will collaborate with the area's semiconductor industry to produce a $16 million analog design research center. According to one of the program's participants, the Semiconductor Research Corp., the new facilityócalled The Texas Analog Center of Excellence, or TxACE, for shortówill help develop leading-edge analog technologies for traditional electronics and emerging applications. The SRC said the Lone Star State's government, Texas Instruments Inc., The University of Texas system and The University of Texas at Dallas will also participate in the project. The facility will be located at UT-Dallas and will focus on research in analog and radio frequency technologies in areas such as energy efficiency, health care and public safety. The SRC said it will contribute $3.6 million over three years. It also said TI has pledged a total of $4.2 million in endowments and project funding, with UT-Dallas and the UT System chipping in more than $3.7 million in matching funds. The state's Emerging Technology Fund will pitch in $4.5 million in matching funds, the SRC added.