BrainCheck Gets $3M For Brain Health Tracking Apps

Houston-based BrainCheck, a developer of mobile apps which help track brain health, has raised $3M in funding, the company said on Thursday. Source of the funding was not announced. The company develops iPad or desktop screen games, which measure such items as reaction time, visual processing, coordination, memory, and cognitive processing, to help track the brain health of athletes. The company says its tools can be used by athletes and trainers to measure changes to brain function or a blow to the head. That kind of tracking is part of widespread concussion protocols which are being put in place by sporting organizations like the NFL, and youth sports organizations. BrainCheck said it will use the funding to expand its use in athletics, as well as to expand into the senior adult market to help with dementia assessment. BrainCheck is based at the Texas Medical Center Accelerator (TMCx) in Houston, and was founded by Dr. David Eagleman at Baylor College of Medicine. More information »


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