Capital Factory Takes Stand On Proposed Bathroom Law

Austin's Capital Factory has taken a stand on the "bathroom bill" circulating through the legislature, saying that if it passes, "the impact on the Texas technology and business community would be even more devastating than in North Carolina." In a post explaining Capital Factory's position, Capital Factory founder and Executive Director Joshua Baer says it promotes an inclusive and diverse workplace that encourages everyone to be their authentic selves--in order to attract the best talent and get the best work out of them. Capital Factory is one of the centers for Austin's growing technology startup scene. Capital Factory is not the only one lining up against the law--RetailMeNot, SXSW, Apple, Amsung, IBM and others with operations in Texas also are taking a stand on the issue. Photo: One of Capital Factory's bathrooms, which are labeled "Lukes" and "Leias".


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