ePatientFinder Picks Up $8.2M To Link Patients, Clinical Trials

Austin-based ePatientFinder, a startup which helps connect physicians with clinical trials, said today that it has raised $8.2M in a Series B funding round. The company said the funding came from a "strategic healthcare technology investor syndicate." ePatientFinder says it has now raised $11M in total. The company, led by CEO Tom Dorsett, develops a platform which helps connect pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and contract resource organizations (CROs) with a network of physicians, hospitals, and other organizations, to help identify and refer patients for clinical trial enrollments. The company says its solution works by integrating into electronic health records (EHR) systems. ePatientFinder was founded by Tom Dorsett, Tushar Jain, Greg Sweatt and Dillon Krug. More information »