Heatwave Interactive Expands

Heatwave Interactive Inc. reported Monday that it has added several new faces to its executive staff. The Austin, Texas-based firm said Dave Prout has come aboard as director of development. Prout previously co-founded Spark Unlimited and worked for Dreamworks Interactive, Electronic Arts Los Angeles and Midway Games. Additionally, Heatwave said it has hired Craig Rundels as art director. Rundels has previously worked for software firms such as Lucas Arts, Midway and Foundation9. Heatwave also reported the hiring of several technical personnel, including Bart Sears as senior concept artist, Jason Beardsley as senior server programmer, Randy Culley as senior graphics engineer, Dean Elzey as senior Web programmer, Kenzie Lamar as senior character artist and Kelly Goodine as senior artist. Heatwave is a privately held company backed by Syncom Venture Partners.