Omnitracs Teams With Peloton On Truck Drafting Technology

Dallas-based Omnitracs, the developer of fleet management and telematics products for the transportation and logistics market, is tying with transportation technology developer Peloton, to bring Peloton's "truck platooning" technology to market. Peleton is developing software which allows trucks to take advantage of "drafting"--the same technique that bicycle racers use to increase their efficiency. According to the two, they will collaborate to bring Peloton's truck platooning technology to Omnitracs customers. Peloton's technology uses sensors and communications systems to enable combining trucks in "platoons", where they can draft one another and save a large amount of fuel--while operating safely, something that isn't possible with just humans behind the wheel. Peloton's initial systems save 4.5 percent for the lead truck and 10 percent for the follow truck in its current two-truck systems, according to the firms.


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