Q2 Enhances Platform For Accessibility

Austin-based banking software developer Q2 Holdings said on Thursday that it has enhanced its platform, in order to meet standards on making web applications more accessible to people with disabilities. According to Q2 Holdings, it is developing a modification to its platform, called UUX Accessibility, which meets current Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 AA success criteria for accessibility of web applications for people with disabilities. Those requirements make it a lot easier for those with disabilities to access web sites, making sure that functions are easily read by screen-reading software, can be accessed via keyboards, and more. Some web application designers, in recent years, have ignored people with disabilities and made it difficult to access web sites and applications, by using such things as text embedded into graphics without text alternatives; Flash-based navigation which can only be accessed via mouse clicks; and low-contrast text or certain color combinations; and problems with seeing very small type.


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